For Our Guests Entertainment

Inner peace, self-healing and natural relaxation are the 3 principles on which Lohagarh Fort Resort facilities stands.

At Lohagarh Fort Resort, one can enjoy spa session (Thai and Rajasthani), play pool, elephant ride (on request), Bon-fire and Rajasthan dance program (arranged weekend and on demand in weekdays)

Plus the design of our pools offers an endless pool games idea like pool volleyball, pool soccer, etc.



Services & Activities


Multi Cuisine Restaurant

From Royal Rajasthani cuisine to Mediterranean-inspired dishes, Lohagarh Fort’s restaurant will be sure to impress the foodie in you.

Treat yourself to some of the best Rajasthani food, along with western flavors, all under a single roof surrounded by mystical and relaxing nature.

So come and dine at Lohagarh’s multi cuisine restaurant and we will present the authentic flavors of Rajasthan.

If you would like to reserve an accommodation or have any question, please contact us at +91 8003395964/8003395965 or send your inquiries at For further queries call at 8003395959

Kshitij Singh, GM Sales at Lohagarh Fort Resort